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A Blocked nose is a very common condition.
The most frequent cause of a blocked nose is a common cold.
Acute rhinitis due to allergies causes majority of the acute cases of blocked noses.
A Long term blocked nose can be a result of nasal polyps or nasal septal deviation.
Trauma, foreign body or over use of nasal decongestant can also result in a blocked nose.

What is a Blocked Nose?

A Blocked nose is a common condition that everybody comes across some time or the other. Inflammation of the nasal lining or mucosa can cause blockage in the nasal passage.

What Causes It?

Allergic rhinitis is a common cause of acute nasal blockage. It cause swelling of the nasal membranes and increase watery production. The membranes can become so swollen that the air cannot flow easily and leads to the feeling of nasal blockage. Nasal blockage due to rhinitis is commonly associated with nasal discharge or sneezing.

Long term cause of a blocked nose can be due to the nasal polyps. These are benign fleshy growth that can develop as an exaggerated form of inflammatory swelling of the membranes. These fleshy growths can obstruct nasal passage and can give rise to the nasal congestions.

Another common cause of a blocked nose is deviated nasal septum. In case of deviated nasal septum, the blockage is unilateral and there is no discharge or sneezing associated with the blocked nose.

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